Money Tree is a product of Relation³. Money Tree was founded in September 2006 as a student company and has had a successful year in which they won several prices. As crown on their work they won both the title of “Best student company of the Netherlands” as well as “Best student company of Europe”. A price to be proud of considering the fact that in Europe almost 2,2 million students participate in the student company program.

A student company has to stop all of its activities after the period of one year. But, two young ambitious students, with entrepreneurship running through their veins, decided to continue under own management as Relation³.

Relation³ is specialised in developing unique business gifts. Our power is that we develop a unique product which matches the company profile or other wishes of the client.

Besides that, we have already expanded our product range by two new products and are working very hard on further expansion of our product range to offer you even more possibilities in the future.

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