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The standard Money Tree consists of a banknote, wrapped in a treasury. We also add the fairytale and the terms of use to the total package. The consumer retail price per piece is 9,95 incl. VAT. (The sending costs will be passed on to you and will vary for every single country.)

Order the Money Tree online from a minimum of two pieces via our Ordering Form:
Step 1: Fill out all the fields an click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. ( Essential fields are marked out by Verplicht Veld ) .
Step 2: Within one working day you will receive an E-mail with the ordering and payment data.
Step 3: Fulfill the payment by bank.
Step 4: The Money Tree's will be send out after we have received your payment.

The data filled in by you will only be used for sending your order, and will therefore never be supplied to third parties or used in other manners.

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Your E-mailaddress is required to provide you with your personal ordering code. Furthermore we will inform you about the status of your order via this E-mailaddress.

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It is not possible to place an order without accepting our Terms of Agreement.

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